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   Home of the US custom women's clothing online store, Sassy Star styles sizes XS-XXXL; imported Sassy Chic, Sassy Alternative styles sizes 4-18 & Plus Size 18P-28P. We offer Swimwear for Women in Full, Brazilian, Rio & Thong Cut Bikinis & One Piece bathing suits, cover ups, Club Wear, dresses, boy shorts, crop tops, and much more. We are proud to say our Sassy Star Women's Apparel are designed and manufactured in Florida USA, using American made fabric. Our Sassy Star custom clothing will take the modern woman anywhere in the world from a fun day at the beach to a romantic date in style.

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 Tucana  Andromeda  Gemini

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Stardust 2 pc

Annabelle Stardust Gaia
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5 Stiletto Leather w Star 0873 6 Blk Platform Heel w Cherry 0301 0099-B Blk Strappy w 6 Silver Star Heel
Karo Shoes 5" Stiletto w Star #0873 Karo Shoes 6" Platform Heel w Cherry #0301  Karo Shoes 6" Strappy Wood Silver Star Heel #0099-B 
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Retro Archaize polka dot dress Ruffle Wrap Boho Blouse Retro Asymmetric Polka Dot Skirt
Retro Archaize
Polka Dot Dress
Ruffle Wrap Boho Blouse Retro Asymmetric
Polka Dot Skirt
Vintage Sailor Flared Dress Rockabilly Halter Top Retro Flared Blk/Polka Dot Dress
Vintage Sailor Flared Dress Rockabilly Halter Top Retro Flared
Black Polka Dot Dress
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We offer sizes XS to XL for all of our Sassy Star women's clothing, swimwear and accessories. We have plus sizes XXL & XXXL available in some of our one piece swimsuit styles, bathing suit cover ups and accessories. Our customers can also make special request orders for plus size in any of our Sassy Star swimsuits & club wear or to order  G-string versions of our bikini bottoms by calling our toll free #1-866-952-4462 or email

Sassy Chic, features Retro, Pin Up, Rockabilly & Swing Style dresses, skirts and tops in US standard sizes 4 to 18 and Plus Sizes 18P to 28P. If you love the 40's & 50's Vintage look, you will absolutely Love these fashions!
Sassy Alternative, features layers of lace, bustles, bows on long skirts, jackets and tops. For all those women who crave the Victorian Age Gothic look and want to make a statement. And for an edgier, hardcore mood, our Punk Rock dresses, skirts and tops. Sizes 4-18 & Plus 18P-28P most styles. Adding Too Fast, Sourpuss and Lucky 13 Clothes in limited sizes.
Introducing Karo Brand Women's Shoes, made in California USA. Platforms, Stiletto,
Strappy, Sandals, Mules, High Heels from 4" to 7", Ankle and Knee High Boots. Custom made per order, in sizes 5-12, in medium, wide and extra wide widths. Karo uses only Premium Italian Leather, quality wood and materials to manufacture and assemble your new shoes. 
And in the future Cartel Ink brand T-Shirts, and more as Sassy Silhouette grows we will be adding more items to our inventory, so check back!! And if you have any suggestions about products you would like us to add, please use the "Contact Us" form, we really would appreciate your input.

So Comon' and Show Your Sassy Side

With so many styles, beautiful fabrics, gorgeous color choices, you'll be like a kid in a candystore. So what are You waiting for, get started on creating you new look today!!

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